LAO and Marni have joined forces to promote the work of talented outsider artists throughout the world. The artists painted 160 pairs of leather sandals for this high-fashion brand. All are unique pieces. The sandals were sold in Hong Kong at the Marni Roof Market during the Art Basel Fair and in Tokyo for the celebration of Marni’s twenty-year corporate anniversary. All of the sales revenues were donated to Vimala, an association that will refurbish and maintain a facility in India intended to welcome and provide caretaking and educational services to Tibetan children with serious disabilities. 

Ateliers enlisted by LAO:
AutArt – Mantova,
Fatato Gengiscao – Verona
NoUei – Udine.

luci a Hong Kong Roof Market Marni- Art Basel dove sono esposti i sandali Atelier Fatato Gengiscao  Marzana Verona Jpeg Allestimento a Hong Kong 11060301_602803863188317_777896399021020718_n 01-Marni-Blossom-Market-Tokyo-April-2-5