LAO (Laboratorio pro artisti outsider) is an association that scouts, supports, and promotes those artists that find themselves at the margins of society: visionaries, graffiti artists, babelic artists, the mentally ill, homeless persons, inmates, and all those outside the mainstream.

LAO promotes that kind of necessary art that lies “outside the system” and was once known as Art Brut, while it is now more widely known as Outsider Art. 

LAO not only supports artists and promotes their work, but also intends to foster the advancement of non-discriminatory cultural attitudes within the art world and to spur debate on the question of how artworks are to be classified.

LAO supports workshops held by artists at their caretaking facilities, thus offering opportunities for them to participate in national and international projects. 

LAO organizes workshops in museums and other art venues for outsider artists, thus allowing the various realms of art to interact.

LAO promotes exhibitions, talks, conferences, conventions, workshops, and events intended to make known the role of outsider artists within the contemporary art scene.



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